This item is worn by Emos. You are allowed to wear this item WITHOUT a preppy item. Don't wear this excessively.Click Here for more info.

The Flutterby is a wig worn mainly by Emos. It is widely popular between players of 2011-2012. It is worn by Emos.

The Flutterby

The Flutterby.


  • The flutterby consists of long flowing brunette hair with a pink hairclip.
  • The Befluttered is another variant of this wig which is actually supposed to be more popular in preps but the Flutterby was released recently that's why it's more popular.
  • The Flutterby is usually worn by everyone with the original hoodies and diva glasses.
  • General Sydney likes The Befluttered.
  • It is one of the original hairstyles in club penguin.
  • Its variants are:
  1. The Flutterby, which consists of Brown Hair with a pink clip.
  2. The Befluttered which consists of Blonde hair with a blue clip.
  3. The Flitter Flutter which consists of black hair with a purple clip.