A Prep applying makeup.

Quotes are the dialogues which preps use often. Normally, these dialogues make them seem overpowered and are very annoying.



"Opens Glittery Pink Locker that Says [insert name here] in Gold/Black/Silver/Pearls/Rhinestones, e.t.c

"Parks Silver Topless BMW In Reserved Spot" or "Parks Stylish Blue Motorcycle In Reserved Spot" or "Parks light blue eye-catching no top Ferrari"

"Is New Girl From [insert country]". (Note: people may not say this often because as said before, preps tease new people but will be ok with them if they are "cool" enough

"Is to pretty for any makeup but uses anyway!" or "Looks at prom poster with chocolate brown eyes!" or "Scans room with rare pretty silvery blue eyes"

"Takes Out English Books and I Tone (iPhone)".

"Closes Locker With Thin Model Tan Cali/Aussie/French Hip"

"Puts On Midnight Mascara!"

"Applies Mango Tango Beak Gloss!"

"Adjusts Extreme Midnight Skinny Jeans!"

"Flips Caramel/Blonde Curls/Waves"

"Sprays New Vanilla Bean Hollister Perfume!"

"Looks at Matt/Drew/Austin"

Texts Everybody Whats Up?"

"Walks With Confident Natural Sway!"or "Walks With Confident eye-catching Natural Sway!

" Flips Golden Beach Waves!"

"Walks out of golden limo!"

"Brushes golden locks!"

"applies makeup"

"dances heart out"

During Old CP Protests

"Old is Gold!" (most used quote)

"We want Old CP back!"

"Disney Ruined CP!"

"Old [insert room here]! Example: Old Town!

"No [insert new feature here]!" Example: No Puffle Creatures!

"Old Items!"

"New is Eww!"

"no more disney!"

"Old Old Old!"


Jocks are seen to be not telling any quotes.They usually use slangs (Shortened Language).

Common phrases

Wanna go for prom?