Puffle Berry Mall is a part of The Corporation Theory...
This article, according to the The Corporation Theory, is an act of supporting preps.

The Puffle Berry Mall is one of the newest rooms on Club Penguin.It is named "Puffle Berry" even though it does not have any relation to puffles.Preps have taken over the room. They are usually seen being chefs or store managers in the mall.


Preps commanding innocent people


A "Prepful" food court.

Executive members notes Edit

  • Not as fun as the stage. Terrible work of Disney. Protests failed. Expect preps to takeover soon. -Crucio
  • It is very unfortunate that a new room has been totally taken by preps..they are bullying people and simply reporting them -Sydney
  • Report #1 by Lt. Zippy tells that the preps work at the Puffle Berry Mall, especially at the food court. -Lt. Zippy


  • With preps, pookies are also seen with their "preppy" moms (People who were preps first but now mommy).
  • It is very odd to see preps doing occupations like being chefs and store managers.
  • Though they support Old CP , they wanted the mall.
  • The School and mine shack is totally empty after the arrival of the mall.
  • The Preps have taken over the whole mall (even escalators). There are mostly preps (girl) in the mall. Jocks are not that often seen as they play football.
  • They bully people to take their place in doing their occupations. They even simply report no matter what. (Chefs and store managers).
  • It is very odd to see that they supported the idea of Puffle Berry Mall, Though they hate New CP. This maybe because they like preppy or fashionable areas. It is unknown whether they like the stage but they don't come there often.
  • Creating this room is an act of supporting preps according to The Corporation Theory.