The Sidetied Please don't wear this item excessively.This item is worn by preps. You are allowed to wear this only for 6 hours in this army.

Makeup (also known as Eyelashes) is a face item worn by preps. It changes the look of their eyes.


Makeup in the Penguin Style catalog.


  • Makeup is always available, ever since February 2013.
    • In the august 2015 Penguin Style Catalog, Club Penguin released more makeup items for the Fashion Festival 2015.
  • Making this item is an act of supporting preps according to The Corporation Theory.
  • There are many other variants of makeup that were temporarily available.
  • Many Preps who don't have Diva Glasses or new preps often wear makeup.
    • However, Most preps prefer Diva Glasses since makeup doesn't look good in-game (it looks like a unibrow.)
  • The main eyelashes that are always available are: Starlet Eyes, Diva Glam Eyes, Wide Awake Eyes and the Kitty Cat Eyes.

A Prep applying makeup.Note: Makeup wasn't released at that time when the photo was taken.

  • Some people criticize this item since it looks like a unibrow in-game.
  • Dot also wears makeup.