Fashion Shows is a part of The Corporation Theory...
This article, according to the The Corporation Theory, is an act of supporting preps.

Fashion Shows are preppy events in Club Penguin. There was a Fashion Show during February 2012. Preps act like models or superstars to showoff their fashion.


The Fashion Show in 2012.


  • Preps show off a lot in Fashion Shows witth their Prom Dresses.
  • According to The Corporation Theory, making a fashion show is an act of supporting preps.
  • Preps wear Prom Dresses in Fashion Shows.
  • club Penguin made preppy login screens for the fashion show in 2012.
  • There was a mini-Fashion Show at the Clothes Shop during the Hollywood Party.
  • There was a preppy Fashion Festival in August 2015.
    • And most of the themes were preppy too.
    • You could vote for others outfits.
  • There are Fashion Shows called "Pukie Contests" for Pukies. The winner of these contests is picked by the prep. It is a good method to do a mass-killing of Pukies: make one and kill them all, simple enough!