APR Points are points rewarded to army members when they chase away preps or get reports about them bullying non-members or their plans. The scale is:

1 Prep = 1 point

1 Report = 1 point

Anti Prep Rebellion Coin

An APR Point.

Purpose Edit

APR points can get you promoted. They can also be used as a currency in the APR shop. One APR point is also worth five coins, so they can also be used in Club Penguin.

Earning Process Edit

Chasing AwayEdit

APR Points can be earned mostly by chasing away preps. The scale is 1 Prep= 1 Point, so mass chasing are the best strategy. This process is recommended by General Crucio.


Everyone can even get the APR points by getting reports of preps. Reports can differ; like reports of preps taking over rooms plans, New talking trends (or quotes) of theirs and even plans of proms and their thoughts. Everyone in the army can get this most easily by being an undercover. Every report=1 point. This process is recommended by General Sydney.

Salaries Edit

Each AM gets paid a monthly salary. You can also get points by curing ailments in the infirmary and by selling items in the APR Shop.

Anti Prep Rebellion Point Pile

APR Points